Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pregnancy Must Have's- Skin Care

Since this is my second go-round I feel like I know what I'm getting myself into (or at least I thought I did. This pregnancy has definitely been more difficult for me). I ordered the most expensive prenatal vitamins and started taking them months and months ago- ya know- just to have all that goodness in my system... but they made me sick. So, there's that. But I definitely have some tried and true favorites and some new favorites that have been helping my skin this go-around. Because to be honest, this is the absolute WORST my skin has ever been. Even worse than when I was a teenager. I'm going to Sephora today to hopefully find some type of hormone-induced-acne relief. Please note, there is only ONE truly "for pregnant ladies" item on here. The other 8 are for EVERYONE.

#1. L'Occitane shower gel. I know this has been on my favorites for awhile but I have switched to using this as my shower gel as well as my shave gel. It's so creamy and buttery and delicious. It makes my skin super soft and it smells divine.

#2. Boscia Konjac cleaning sponge. I bought one of these on a whim while I was visiting my parents in March and now both Devin and I can't live without it. I threw an old one away recently and Devin said, "Well, how am I supposed to wash my face?" So now it's a permanent resident in our shower. It's gentle exfoliation is perfect for everyday use and you can even use it on your eyes (if you want to of course).

#3. A good body scrub. Currently I am using Bloke's body scrub but Frank here is in my cart and ready for purchase (along with their body cream). No, I don't drink coffee but I am ALL for using it in a scrub. If you haven't already, go check out Frank Body's Instagram and find their before and afters for stretch marks. It's ridiculous. If a good scrub isn't in your arsenal, please go get one! It will change your skin.

#4. Mother's friend. The only "true" pregnancy item on this list. Some of you may remember this from my previous pregnancy favorites post. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stocked up on this baby. My mom used it through all 4 of her pregnancies- not a single stretch mark! I used it all through my pregnancy with Charlotte- not a single stretch mark! I use it once-twice a day depending on how my skin feels. Guys, I'm a believer in this stuff. Scrubbing + mother's friend= least likely to get stretch marks. (Please note, yes I do understand that stretch marks are widely hereditary).

#5. Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask. This is mostly on my list because it works so well and partly because it's October. Confession, I "stole" this from husband's medicine cabinet. I bought it for him as a stocking stuffer last Christmas and the man has yet to use it! So, I have put it to excellent use. I only use it once a week but man oh man it works wonders. If you don't want to buy the huge one for $$$ get the 3 mini's for $20 (at Sephora)! It's a great deal and you get to try 3 masks.

#6. Exfoliate by Kate Somerville. Ok, let me just start off by saying this stuff is pricey. But it's worth it. I use it 2-3 times per week (not on a day where I use the PTR mask. They smell very similar and combined would be too harsh and drying on the skin). It's so quick and simple! You only leave it on for 2 minutes and it works wonders. I have been using this stuff since before summer started and I am a huge fan.

#7. Korres wild rose overnight sleeping facial. This was also a purchase I made as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I used this all throughout my pregnancy with Charlotte and knew I needed it again for this one. I feel like this is definitely more for skin that is on the dry side (like mine is during pregnancy)- so if you are dry, this baby is for you.

#8. Lush cosmetics bath bombs. For Christmas last year I made all of my friends homemade bath bombs. I am a HUGE fan of relaxing in the tub (bonus, mine is a Jacuzzi tub) and Lush is always my go-to for bath bombs and bubble bars. You really can't go wrong with either.

#9. Kiehl's soy milk and honey whipped body butter. My tried and true. My ride or die. This will forever be my favorite lotion of all time until I can find something better (which has yet to happen in the last 3 years, and believe me I have tried my fair share).  Yes, it's insanely pricey for lotion but it LASTS FOREVER! The one I am currently using, I have had for 3 months and I am not finished with it yet. Plus, IT WORKS! I don't ever feel like I need to reapply and it smells divine.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Zufelt, Party of 4

In case anyone has been wondering why I have gained 10lbs, have been super sick, and generally look tired all the time....

Zufelt, party of 4
Coming soon
March 25, 2016

We are all so excited! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Nursing...

If you didn't see Miss Colorado (Kelly Johnson) do a monologue for her talent- go watch it. It made me cry. It's about being "just a nurse". Watch that before you read the rest of this. Today, on The View (which I DO NOT watch- but I did see this...) Miss Colorado was made fun of for appearing on stage in her scrubs with her stethoscope. They called it a "Doctor" stethoscope. I love this reply by Hilary Helkenn. She said,

{Last day of OB clinicals}

"For the last 20 years, I have put it on (her nurse uniform) and bravely walked into hospitals to care for the ones you love. See my stethoscope? It is a NURSE stethoscope too. I use it to listen to a child's lungs, so I can quickly get them to the appropriate level of care, reassuring both child and parent. I also use it to listen to our elderly loved ones, who sometimes have aging hearts that go into abnormal rhythms. It is the NURSE that usually sees the patient first, and it is often the NURSE that notifies the doctor of what is going on. I have helped to deliver babies, and I have held the hands of the elderly as they left this world. I love the physicians I work with, & I have the utmost respect for them, but it is often the NURSE you meet first and the NURSE that is the one responsible for your care. Your comments denigrated our most noble profession. You owe all of the nurses of this world an apology."

Can I get an AMEN. 
{Last day of Quarter 3 Simulation Lab}

There is a lot I could say about being a nurse. To be honest, I didn't really know the extent of what I was getting into when I started nursing school. Now, a few days away from graduation- I can tell you more.
I can tell you that the ONLY time I have EVER seen doctors on my rotations are during rounds or a minute or two before a baby was born. During my first code blue, it was the nurses who were doing CPR and pushing the life saving meds and running the code while the doctors stood by and watched. (This is not a doctor bashing post- I love doctors and I have a high respect for them!) Yes, I use my stethoscope ALL. THE. TIME. As nurses we have a ton of medical knowledge so please don't treat us like we are stupid just because we aren't doctors. A lot of the time doctors consult us on what we should do next for our patients as we KNOW our patients. We are the ones that will always be there. Always. We will be there if you just had surgery and you can't get up to use the bathroom. We will be there if you just had a baby and you aren't quite sure what to do. We will be there when you are getting chemo, or dialysis. We may even be there to hold your hand during the hardest and most trying days of your life. Nursing is a 24 hour a day job and we take care of everything from the brand new to the end of life. To have someone make fun of a profession that is so highly regarded is rude, uneducated, and downright unkind. If you don't know the scope of a nurses practice OR have never needed one- then thank goodness for that! But one day, you might need us. You might and you might wish that you had shown more respect for those of us who don't go pee during our 12 hour shift. Who STAY to make sure YOU are taken care of before we leave. Who don't get a lunch break because we were too busy sitting with you and holding your hand when you got the news that your tumor hasn't shrunk. The world needs nurses. And I am so proud that I will be one of them.

To my baby nursing students- Nursing school has been one of the hardest things I have done. I would be flat out lying to you if I said it was easy and that anyone can do it. So many tears have been shed. So. Many. Tears. Yes, I have wondered if I am doing the right thing. I have wondered if I will be as good as I need to be. But I MADE IT. The best advice I got was from my mom, she said, "It's ok to cry and have a pity party- but just don't live there." So, if you need to cry- that's ok. Just move on! And keep going! You can do it! 

Can I add this too? I guess I can because it's my blog:
To the women (and maybe even the men) who look down on me for going to school and allowing other people to watch my daughter for me- shame on you.
I feel so often women look at me and pity me or feel like they are above me because they stay at home with their babies and because motherhood is the highest calling there is. I know it's true. I know it is because there have been comments made in front of my face about how LUCKY other women are to be able to be at home and that it is SUCH an honorable thing to do with their time. I agree. It is. But I am no less of a mother than you are. Staying at home doesn't make you a better mother just like going to school/working doesn't make me a better one. There is more than one type of good mother. I repeat: THERE IS MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF GOOD MOTHER. To the women who feel sorry for me, don't. I chose to do this. And I believe I will be a better person because of it. So, stop trying to make me feel like less of a mother because I go out and take care of other people's family members while they are sick and/or dying. I refuse to believe that what I do, isn't noble. 

I cannot imagine a more Christlike profession. 

End. Of. Nursing. Rant. 

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Building a Wardrobe: Shoes

Shoes are one of my absolute favorite things. Ever. Have you ever seen the movie, "In Her Shoes"? There is a scene in there when one of the characters says, "When I feel bad, I like to treat myself. Clothes never look any good. Food just makes me fatter. Shoes always fit." That. Is. Poetry.
Shoes always fit. 
I am a huge fan of killer shoes. HUGE! It is my bread and water. Absolutely essential. Here's the thing about shoes. They are probably the biggest investment in your wardrobe because THEY WILL LAST THE LONGEST. And BONUS they can be resoled, polished, and generally well kept. If there is one thing I can tell you about buying shoes, it's the same thing I have said for all the other posts- invest in quality. No, I am not saying to go spend $300 on a pair of Louboutin's (Yes, I know they are way more than that but I found some at a Barney's outfit for $300 and seriously considered buying them... but I didn't) because that is just not realistic for the majority of people in the world. My favorite place? DSW. And I WATCH the shoes I want and I wait for a coupon or for them to go on sale. (I am all about saving money and not spending full price on ANYTHING!)

So, here are the shoes you need in your arsenal.
-Black pumps: You will always need these. Always. I wear mine in every season with everything from jeans to skirts to dresses. 
-Nude pumps: If Kate Middleton has taught you anything, it's the value of a nude pump. That girl lives in hers and so do I. 
-Black flats: Again, something I wear in every single season. In the summer I usually swap these out for a flat black sandal. 
-Nude flats: Just like your nude heels these will be super versatile and a huge wardrobe asset. 
-*Red heels: If you have ever heard Kelly Pickler's song "Red High Heels" you will know exactly why you need these. You can omit these if red just isn't your thing but at least promise me you will try some on. I am telling you, a women in red heels can conquer anything!  
-Black or brown tall boots: FALL! I live in these during the fall and winter. If you don't already have a pair, start with a brown pair. I have had mine for.... 5 years and they still look awesome. 
-Casual sneakers: Because who doesn't love being comfortable? Converse are great and I am completely in love with New Balance's lately. You can dress them down with boyfriend jeans and a white top OR wear them with a cotton dress.

If you live in a colder climate for part of the year (like myself), I highly recommend investing in some Hunter Wellies. I wear them when it's snowing outside and icy. I have never slipped once! And BONUS you can purchase boot liners that are totally awesome and super warm!

(Remember to click on the photos to be taken to the retailers directly! Also, don't forget there could be more than one "page" of shoes below, be sure to check out all of my picks!)

Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of July Weekend

Lot's of photos from our fun Holiday weekend. It was filled with family, friends, fireworks, and lots of sugar... we are going to pretend that none of the sugar part happened ;-) 

(Denver LDS Temple)

(Temple selfie)


(After! "Nummy!" she says)

(Is it wrong that I wanted to steal her outfit?) 

(These Marc Jacob's "star" sunglasses only come out on the 4th) 


(IG filter for the win!) 

(always has to stop and sniff the flowers) 

(Those curls! I die) 

(Nummy gelato!) 

(of course, she didn't want to get wet but she did not want to leave!) 

(Picnic at the park) 

(She loved it!)

(Red Vines)

(our little family) 

(Sunday morning photos with her are my favorite! All too often I am behind the camera and not in front of it... it's a new goal!) 

(I'm gunna get you!) 

Our 4th of July weekend was awesome! We were a little worried as it is the first 4th of July here that we haven't had any family in town. Devin had Friday off so we took a day date to the temple- it was much much needed and we were so grateful to our friends who watched Charlotte so we could go. That night Charlotte helped me make no-bake cookies and cherry pie bars and I decided that I desperately needed a burger and parmesan truffle fries... and bomb pops. I went and got the burgers and Devin had my car washed and picked up the bomb pops. We ate our dinner outside in our back yard picnic style and Charlotte LOVED it. She got to eat her first popsicle on her own and she didn't make that big of a mess (haha) she didn't even drop any on the ground! I was super impressed. Side note: bomb pops are only 35 calories. SCORE! Saturday, Devin was up bright and early to go do the fun run at church and I was up early doing a Kayla Itsines workout (KILLER- seriously go download her free week). Charlotte SLEPT IN which hardly ever happens and we thought we were late to the annual 4th of July breakfast at church but we weren't. Devin and I had our first date on the 4th of July and he asked me out at the 4th of July breakfast so it's sentimental to us that we go every year. Plus... breakfast! And I didn't have to cook! We then headed to Boulder to walk around (which we did last year and had a good time). As soon as Charlotte saw the Gelato store she yelled "ICE CREAM!" and B lined it for the counter. Needless to say, she got some fresh strawberry gelato before lunch. Fun fact about Charlotte: she does NOT like getting splashed. So splash pads aren't here thing. She pretends like she likes them but really she just likes stomping in the water. Charlotte took a 4 HOUR NAP which was heaven. The night before the 4th Devin and I tried to light some fireworks to get Charlotte prepared for the big ones we would see but she FREAKED OUT! "I DON'T LIKE IT!"... "SCARED"... Poor girl was terrified. We were invited by some friends to go to a park and hangout for a bit and we thought about not staying for the fireworks but we decided to stick it out and see how she would do. Not so hot. She hid her head in Devin's chest the entire time. She likes seeing them from far away but not up close! It was an awesome firework show though- it had the best finale ever! And when it was all done Devin said, "Do you smell that? It smells like FREEDOM!" HAHAHA! Of course, on Sunday after Charlotte's nap the first thing she wanted to do was "Fireworks!" So, we went outside and tried again and this time she loved it as long as she was standing behind daddy. We had so much fun spending time  with friend's and family and RELAXING this weekend. This next week is going to be absolutely nuts for us as we try to get ready for my final quarter in nursing school. It's going to be b-a-n-a-n-a-s. I am so thankful for summer and the time I have had to play and enjoy the time with my little bug and hubby- I have decided it's my favorite. How was your weekend friends? 

{Don't judge my IG filter photos guys- I can't help it, I love having bright photos! } 
(One of my favorite photos of me and my girl) 

For those curious: 
My 4th of July outfit was all J. Crew. Charlotte's was all Old Navy. 
Our Sunday Looks:
My dress is from Junieblake, necklace is from, shoes are Nine West and my lipstick is MAC Red. Charlotte's outfit is all Gymboree. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Building a Wardrobe: Tops

So now that we have your bottoms covers (ha!) lets talk about tops. This is a short post as tops are generally easy and relatively self explanatory. Remember, we are talking about BASICS for ALL SEASONS. I think talking about tops is the best part because it's what people usually notice the most.  The most important thing you need to remember when choosing tops is FIT! Not too tight in the boob area (or ANY area for that matter) and definitely not too tight in the arm area. A good rule it if you are uncomfortable crossing your arms, it's not a good fit. Also, please be aware that your body type may not be an "off the rack" type and THAT'S OK! That is what tailors are for! This is why it is so important to invest in quality items ESPECIALLY if you don't have an off the rack body type (I sure don't). Find a good tailor and have them custom fit your items to you. Yes, this means paying more but it also means looking fantastic in your clothes. Why spend the money on something if you aren't going to love it because it fits poorly? I usually do this with pants a jeans because I'm right in between a "petite" and "regular" size. You CAN do this with tops as well! Remember, things can be taken in but not (usually) let out. So when in doubt, if you are between sizes SIZE UP and then take it to a tailor. 

Basic tops you need:
-White button down: as much as I hate to admit it, my mom was ALWAYS trying to get me to buy a white button up top growing up and I always resisted. Thank you mom of instilling in me that classic never dies! Seriously, invest in a white top you guys. You will use it a ton! And it never goes out of style. 
-Chambray button down: I have a dark one and a light one and it's literally one of my go to pieces. Devin calls it my "uniform".  
-Stripped 3/4 sleeve shirt (any color is great! I think I have one in red, navy, black, gray...). I am obsessed with stripes as it is but stripped dresses and tops? I can't get enough. Classic, easy, and stylish.
-Black cardigan: I think I have a cardigan in every color of the rainbow. I'm obsessed. You can't go wrong with a cardigan in any color. And they don't have to have buttons! 
-Long & short sleeve black shirts (jersey material). Any solid color top is going to be a good staple. Just make sure the fit is nice (not too loose and not too tight!)
-Long & short sleeve white shirt (jersey material)

(Remember, you can click right on the items below and be taken to the retailer to see pricing!)

Yes, these items are SUPER basic. But once you have them you can start branching out. PLAID button downs, any color cardigan you want, any color top you want! Remember, we are trying to BUILD a wardrobe from scratch. These items are so versatile! Add a fun necklace or a scarf and water them with different bottoms and different shoes and seriously it looks like an entire new outfit. 
*Please stay tuned for how I use these pieces! It will be a few weeks as I will be doing my senior capstone in another state but be sure to check back at the end of august! I will continue to do posts as I am able while gone. On the agenda for "building a wardrobe": shoes, accessories, outerwear.*

Monday, June 29, 2015

It's OK...

It's been forever since I have done an "it's OK" post and it's high time I did, because A LOT of things are OK with me today...

It's OK... 

-That I desperately needed chocolate pudding last week and made it, and ate it, and loved it.
-That I have crossed over to the dark side of not washing my hair every day
-That I ate dessert more times than I care to admit last week
-That I would rather shop for my daughter than for myself
-That I literally did not fold laundry all week last week... I did laundry on Monday and it sat in the basket until Devin decided to do it yesterday... 
-That we aren't going out of town this summer... at all
-That my hair looks way better curly/wavy than it does straight (see above photo for reference)
-That this skirt looks WAY better in person (so does the entire outfit for that matter). The skirt is such a pretty blush tweed with silver threads woven through. 
-That I wish I had purchased this top in every single color it came in (I tend to do that quite a bit...) 
-That I wish I could get paid to bake for people
-To feel excluded- sometimes I definitely know I am
-To have a small circle of friends
-That I haven't seen any of the Jurassic Park movies... not a single one!
-That when Devin and I went on a date on Saturday we had to think back and remember the last time we were out just us... It was our anniversary... back in December... 
-That Charlotte isn't potty trained yet. I'm not forcing her yet. And to be honest it doesn't really bother me that she isn't right now. 
-That all I want to do is play at the pool and have picnic's this week! 

{My outfit. Shoes: Nine West. Skirt and Top: J. Crew. Necklace: Macy's. Charlotte. Shoes: Old Navy. Dress: Gymboree. Bow: My Beautiful Little Shop.}

Happy Monday friends! What's OK with you today?