Friday, November 20, 2015

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

How we do Christmas: Every year since the year we got married Devin and I set a budget for Christmas (smart right?) It's usually around $150-200 with a $50 cushion for stocking stuffers (each). Charlotte does not have a budget yet but I'm sure she will ASAP. We really haven't bought her much in past years (THANKS GRANDMAS!) and she is really just happy to tear anything open at this point. Its been SUCH a nice thing for our little family to set a budget ESPECIALLY for each other. We also email each other a nice long list of things we want for Christmas and then the other person gets to pick from that list what we actually get. So it's still kind of a surprise. Usually each of us throws a few things in that we didn't ask for- like last year I made Devin an airplane blanket and he got me these really cool fair isle mittens that I LOVE. Anyway- I digress.... 
Our Christmas shopping is usually fairly easy the way we have it set up but there is one thing.... ONE THING that Devin always fails to put on his list...

I don't know about you, but I feel like stocking stuffers are the WORST thing to shop for, for men. I usually try and make his stocking stuffers real surprises by getting things not on his list (since he doesn't send me a stocking stuffer list anyway haha). So, here are some stocking stuffer ideas for men, women, and children. Because I can't be the only one who stresses about stocking stuffers right?
(Clink on the photos to be taken to product site!)

 So here's the thing. I try and either think about what my husband usually USES or LIKES for these things. I TRY and keep it around $50 for stocking stuffers although sometimes I do go a few bucks over. Some ideas! SHAVING STUFF: My husband LOVES his shaving stuff and is a big fan of the Jack Black line or The Art of Shaving (ladies, you can buy a gift set, open the box, and throw it into the stocking- boom! Done! Please be warned that the link for the Art of Shaving Kit takes you to the pricey one but I PROMISE there is an affordable version that is under budget! $30!) FACE STUFF: My husband LOVES these Boscia face scrubbers. He uses it every day and its really affordable (shhhhhh Devin is getting one in his stocking!) Also, last year I bought him these Peter Thomas Roth mini masks which we BOTH use (WIN WIN!) and love. SCARVES: Black Friday is the BEST time to buy these suckers because the nice ones get pricey OR just make one! Guys need to have warm necks too. SOCKS: Smart wool socks or dress socks always go down well in our house hold. TIE or CUFF LINKS: Every year Devin gets a new pair of cuff links from me. In past years I have bought him airplane ones, gear shift ones, transformer ones... the dude has an awesome collection of cufflinks now! Also, can't go wrong with a tie. Some other stuff I have done in the past: Candy! It sounds lame but it always goes down well. Usually I get him something he only gets at Christmas like Pirouettes or I special order HAPPY HIPPOS (because they are DELICIOUS  and it isn't something you can pick up at the local market around here). One year I bought him an OREO DIPPER and that was so fun to watch him open and use. I have also bought him new "coffee" mugs (for hot chocolate) and paper airplane books.

 I feel like women are so easy to do stocking stuffers for. Especially for women like me to love anything beauty/makeup. Men! (Are there men who read my blog? If your wife/girl friend likes Sephora by the register are a TON of mini products for great prices. Go there and stock up on stocking stuffers. OR right now is the BEST time to buy gift sets! Buy a gift set, open the box, and dump it in the stocking. Boom. Done. Some other ideas are: Bath bombs, bubble bath, a new book, makeup brushes/sponges, nail polish, hair products (I usually end up getting new shampoo and conditioner- fills up my stocking!), lotion, gloves/mittens, a new scrubby or loofa, favorite candy, lip gloss, SOCKS (I seriously get cozy socks every year!), $5 gift card to Starbucks... easy peasy. 

I feel like kids are the easiest ones to buy for in the family (am I right?). At least for Charlotte because I feel like she would be happy with anything! Last year I seriously just bought her the stuffed animals from Doc McStuffins for her stocking (and that was it) and she STILL loves them. This year, the girl does NOT need anymore stuffed animals and I really don't like the idea of getting her candy. I know that not ALL of these toys below would fit into her stocking (I got a little carried away and some are pretty big- how fun are these!?!?!?) But some fun options are: A top! How fun would a spinning top be to get in your stocking? Musical instruments. Yes, makes for a loud Christmas morning BUT one to remember for sure. A view finder! I LOVE THESE! Some other ideas are: bubble bath, books, cars, microphone or voice changer (seen in red below), play camera, and bubbles! 

Stockings are always the first thing we open on Christmas morning and it's so fun to get the day going by being surprised by what's inside! Let's nail these stocking stuffers this year friends! What do you usually put in your stockings? (I remember Devin telling me they always got an orange in the toe when they were little? I had never heard of that!) 

Monday, November 16, 2015

Oh.... boy....

(Warning: If you get weird about the word "penis" I encourage you to stop reading)

Let me just be clear... I pretty much KNEW we were having a boy since I got pregnant. I mean, the "Zufelt gene" statics have been Girl-Boy or Boy-Girl pretty consistently across the board. But you never know... maybe we could have been having another girl? But no. No no no. The day we got back from Disneyland my blood test confirmed what we already knew- BOY! Can I just say that I have never seen my husband more excited OR motivated about decorating... EVER? I swear the very next day he was talking about how we would be doing baby boy's room. 
We're having a freaking boy
I have to admit, even though I KNEW it, it's real and I'm freaking out a bit
You see, I don't do the "penis thing" well
Ok, that sounds bad but penis' are just weird
I come from a family of girls
I have 3 sisters
My mother was a single mom for forever
My sister had 2 girls as the first grandchildren
But when my sister got pregnant with her first son... I freaked out a little bit!
Our family motto had been "NO TAILS!" (From my niece) 
I mean, what would we DO with a boy?!
I still don't know... 
But I have now seen my fair share of penis' and it just doesn't phase me like it did the first time I saw one that wasn't my husband's (I know, TMI!).... 
It's just a body
Another TMI but the first time we did a catheter in clinicals was OF COURSE on a male... and guess who got to hold the penis steady? Me. Of course it would be me. And all of my classmates got a kick out of it. 
And the majority of catheters I have done have been on males. har-di-har-har
But I really had no experience changing boy diapers until recently (and I DO NOT feel skilled at it at all)
In fact, once I was babysitting a little boy and had my friend come help me to make sure I did it correctly 
Also, during our labor and delivery rotation all the babies were girls
BUT I did get a rotation in the NICU during my capstone and I took care of both BOYS and GIRLS so I feel a bit more skilled in the diaper area- but not much. 
When we found out we were having a boy the things I freaked out to Devin about where:

-Erections. I hear even littles get them!? What the heck? 
-Wet dreams (these 2 are funny because I know Devin freaked out about bra's and periods when we found out we were having a girl the first time) 
-Scouts (I refuse to be "Den mother" or a Webelos leader)
-Dating! (although I am afraid of this for both of my kids) Not liking anyone my son dates because let's be honest little girls can be dramatic and terrible
-Teaching him to do manly things that men should know! (Luckily my husband is a manly man and can teach him all those things...)
-Circumcision! I totally believe in it and we will totally do it but I cannot be there for that. That's all Devin. 
-Potty training a freaking BOY!? 

I have never ever seen myself as a "boy mom". I don't understand little boys and their love of dirt, and cars, and... what else do boys like? Super heroes? I get baby dolls and accessories and dress up! I still don't know how I'm going to do this- the whole "boy thing". But I guess I will just have to figure it out and not just be a "boy mom"... I'm going to be THIS BOY'S MOM! 

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Baby #2 is a...

 Well it's that time! Time to reveal whether we have a little girl or a little boy coming in March! Any last minutes guessed before you scroll down? Ok!

It's a boy! {Confirmed by both blood test and anatomy scan} 

Monday, October 26, 2015


Lately I have been feeling a lot of fear and anxiety about bringing another baby into our home. A lot of it has to do with me REMEMBERING how it was in the beginning with Charlotte. It was NOT easy for me. I felt so alone and isolated at the time and I just wanted SLEEP. But things are good now! So so good. I mean, Charlotte is 2. A typical 2 year old for the most part and that can be rough but by golly she SLEEPS and can TALK and she is generally more fun to do things with now (sorry Charlotte as a baby- you were fun too but in a different way). But now we are throwing a wrench in our routine and bringing another screaming new born into our lives and I am freaking out just a little bit. Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am the baby of the family? I mean, I basically grew up as an only child so my baby experience was limited to babysitting for a few hours. But now... NOW I know what we are getting ourselves into. And I'm kind of freaking out a bit.
I am sure EVERY parent has felt some sort of fear when expecting baby #2 (and so on)... 
No, I'm not scared of birth (after I had Charlotte, I told my mom and Devin that I could probably do that again)... But what I am scared of is...

#1. Charlotte not feeling loved enough. I am trying so hard to hold her, and kiss her, and snuggle her at every single opportunity. I tell her I love you a million+ times in a day (to which she responds "i yove you too mom"). I am smothering her in love so that maybe her "love glass" can be a bit overfilled for when the new baby comes. 

#2. NEW baby not feeling loved enough. I just don't see how my love can be multiplied and equal between my children at this point. I know everyone says that it will happen but I just can't see it at this point. Don't get me wrong I LOVE this babe growing inside of me but I already feel like it's kind of on the back burner while I focus my attention on Charlotte 100% while I can. Is that bad?

#3. How am I going to divide my attention between them both?  New baby is going to need SO MUCH attention but Charlotte still needs a lot of attention too. I can just see it happening now- them both waking up at the same time at night and BOTH needing me!

#4. SLEEP! For the love of all that is holy WHEN will I sleep!? I am an absolute MONSTER without sleep. Getting sleep helps me to be a better mother. But at least with only one kid you can TRY and sleep when the baby sleeps during the day. There is no way Charlotte will let that happen once new baby comes. 

#5. Me, becoming a zombie... and loosing myself. It's a hard thing to admit but I definitely feel like I lost myself a bit once Charlotte was born. I was swallowed up in breastfeeding, burping, changing diapers, cleaning the house... I was so consumed with my new role that I didn't remember who I was before or what I even liked to do. I suppose I still kind of feel that way because when Devin asked me what my dream was the other day I didn't have an answer. I haven't had TIME to think or dream of a dream. Between school and momming, and wifeing... there has been no time to fantasize about any other dream than making it past nursing school- now my dream is to pass boards. (Devin's dream is to be a ski lift operator and drive back to his cabin in his Ferrari...) Now that nursing school is over I have to remember what I liked and DID before nursing school and before Charlotte (Devin says my only hobby is shopping. I know he says it jokingly and lovingly but it kind of stings to feel like that's all you do). I think that's why I needed nursing school so much. I needed a long awaited dream to come true. With new baby coming, I need to think of new (realistic) dreams so I DON'T lose myself this time around. AND apparently to remember my old hobbies...

#6. Being cooped up in the house all the time. How am I EVER going to leave the house with 2 kids!? It seems like an impossible feat. I know people do it. And I have to remember how I felt leaving the house with just a  newborn...

#7. Finding time for myself and finding time for dates. Devin and I hardly go on dates without Charlotte. We go on "family" dates but really our only alone time is what Charlotte sleeps. We usually go out for our anniversary and around my birthday and maybe one or two other times during the year. A few "real" dates a year for the past 2 years. And to be honest any time I have been given "me" time I have felt guilty! I have felt guilty about being alone and not being with my family so I usually cut my time short and head home early.

Maybe I'm the only one who feels this way- but it's nice to write it down. It's therapeutic somehow about writing out your fears and being honest about how you feel...

Experienced mama's, any advice for welcoming baby #2 for our whole family? 

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Pregnancy Must Have's- Skin Care

Since this is my second go-round I feel like I know what I'm getting myself into (or at least I thought I did. This pregnancy has definitely been more difficult for me). I ordered the most expensive prenatal vitamins and started taking them months and months ago- ya know- just to have all that goodness in my system... but they made me sick. So, there's that. But I definitely have some tried and true favorites and some new favorites that have been helping my skin this go-around. Because to be honest, this is the absolute WORST my skin has ever been. Even worse than when I was a teenager. I'm going to Sephora today to hopefully find some type of hormone-induced-acne relief. Please note, there is only ONE truly "for pregnant ladies" item on here. The other 8 are for EVERYONE.

#1. L'Occitane shower gel. I know this has been on my favorites for awhile but I have switched to using this as my shower gel as well as my shave gel. It's so creamy and buttery and delicious. It makes my skin super soft and it smells divine.

#2. Boscia Konjac cleaning sponge. I bought one of these on a whim while I was visiting my parents in March and now both Devin and I can't live without it. I threw an old one away recently and Devin said, "Well, how am I supposed to wash my face?" So now it's a permanent resident in our shower. It's gentle exfoliation is perfect for everyday use and you can even use it on your eyes (if you want to of course).

#3. A good body scrub. Currently I am using Bloke's body scrub but Frank here is in my cart and ready for purchase (along with their body cream). No, I don't drink coffee but I am ALL for using it in a scrub. If you haven't already, go check out Frank Body's Instagram and find their before and afters for stretch marks. It's ridiculous. If a good scrub isn't in your arsenal, please go get one! It will change your skin.

#4. Mother's friend. The only "true" pregnancy item on this list. Some of you may remember this from my previous pregnancy favorites post. As soon as I found out I was pregnant, I stocked up on this baby. My mom used it through all 4 of her pregnancies- not a single stretch mark! I used it all through my pregnancy with Charlotte- not a single stretch mark! I use it once-twice a day depending on how my skin feels. Guys, I'm a believer in this stuff. Scrubbing + mother's friend= least likely to get stretch marks. (Please note, yes I do understand that stretch marks are widely hereditary).

#5. Peter Thomas Roth pumpkin enzyme mask. This is mostly on my list because it works so well and partly because it's October. Confession, I "stole" this from husband's medicine cabinet. I bought it for him as a stocking stuffer last Christmas and the man has yet to use it! So, I have put it to excellent use. I only use it once a week but man oh man it works wonders. If you don't want to buy the huge one for $$$ get the 3 mini's for $20 (at Sephora)! It's a great deal and you get to try 3 masks.

#6. Exfoliate by Kate Somerville. Ok, let me just start off by saying this stuff is pricey. But it's worth it. I use it 2-3 times per week (not on a day where I use the PTR mask. They smell very similar and combined would be too harsh and drying on the skin). It's so quick and simple! You only leave it on for 2 minutes and it works wonders. I have been using this stuff since before summer started and I am a huge fan.

#7. Korres wild rose overnight sleeping facial. This was also a purchase I made as soon as I found out I was pregnant. I used this all throughout my pregnancy with Charlotte and knew I needed it again for this one. I feel like this is definitely more for skin that is on the dry side (like mine is during pregnancy)- so if you are dry, this baby is for you.

#8. Lush cosmetics bath bombs. For Christmas last year I made all of my friends homemade bath bombs. I am a HUGE fan of relaxing in the tub (bonus, mine is a Jacuzzi tub) and Lush is always my go-to for bath bombs and bubble bars. You really can't go wrong with either.

#9. Kiehl's soy milk and honey whipped body butter. My tried and true. My ride or die. This will forever be my favorite lotion of all time until I can find something better (which has yet to happen in the last 3 years, and believe me I have tried my fair share).  Yes, it's insanely pricey for lotion but it LASTS FOREVER! The one I am currently using, I have had for 3 months and I am not finished with it yet. Plus, IT WORKS! I don't ever feel like I need to reapply and it smells divine.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Zufelt, Party of 4

In case anyone has been wondering why I have gained 10lbs, have been super sick, and generally look tired all the time....

Zufelt, party of 4
Coming soon
March 25, 2016

We are all so excited! 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

On Nursing...

If you didn't see Miss Colorado (Kelly Johnson) do a monologue for her talent- go watch it. It made me cry. It's about being "just a nurse". Watch that before you read the rest of this. Today, on The View (which I DO NOT watch- but I did see this...) Miss Colorado was made fun of for appearing on stage in her scrubs with her stethoscope. They called it a "Doctor" stethoscope. I love this reply by Hilary Helkenn. She said,

{Last day of OB clinicals}

"For the last 20 years, I have put it on (her nurse uniform) and bravely walked into hospitals to care for the ones you love. See my stethoscope? It is a NURSE stethoscope too. I use it to listen to a child's lungs, so I can quickly get them to the appropriate level of care, reassuring both child and parent. I also use it to listen to our elderly loved ones, who sometimes have aging hearts that go into abnormal rhythms. It is the NURSE that usually sees the patient first, and it is often the NURSE that notifies the doctor of what is going on. I have helped to deliver babies, and I have held the hands of the elderly as they left this world. I love the physicians I work with, & I have the utmost respect for them, but it is often the NURSE you meet first and the NURSE that is the one responsible for your care. Your comments denigrated our most noble profession. You owe all of the nurses of this world an apology."

Can I get an AMEN. 
{Last day of Quarter 3 Simulation Lab}

There is a lot I could say about being a nurse. To be honest, I didn't really know the extent of what I was getting into when I started nursing school. Now, a few days away from graduation- I can tell you more.
I can tell you that the ONLY time I have EVER seen doctors on my rotations are during rounds or a minute or two before a baby was born. During my first code blue, it was the nurses who were doing CPR and pushing the life saving meds and running the code while the doctors stood by and watched. (This is not a doctor bashing post- I love doctors and I have a high respect for them!) Yes, I use my stethoscope ALL. THE. TIME. As nurses we have a ton of medical knowledge so please don't treat us like we are stupid just because we aren't doctors. A lot of the time doctors consult us on what we should do next for our patients as we KNOW our patients. We are the ones that will always be there. Always. We will be there if you just had surgery and you can't get up to use the bathroom. We will be there if you just had a baby and you aren't quite sure what to do. We will be there when you are getting chemo, or dialysis. We may even be there to hold your hand during the hardest and most trying days of your life. Nursing is a 24 hour a day job and we take care of everything from the brand new to the end of life. To have someone make fun of a profession that is so highly regarded is rude, uneducated, and downright unkind. If you don't know the scope of a nurses practice OR have never needed one- then thank goodness for that! But one day, you might need us. You might and you might wish that you had shown more respect for those of us who don't go pee during our 12 hour shift. Who STAY to make sure YOU are taken care of before we leave. Who don't get a lunch break because we were too busy sitting with you and holding your hand when you got the news that your tumor hasn't shrunk. The world needs nurses. And I am so proud that I will be one of them.

To my baby nursing students- Nursing school has been one of the hardest things I have done. I would be flat out lying to you if I said it was easy and that anyone can do it. So many tears have been shed. So. Many. Tears. Yes, I have wondered if I am doing the right thing. I have wondered if I will be as good as I need to be. But I MADE IT. The best advice I got was from my mom, she said, "It's ok to cry and have a pity party- but just don't live there." So, if you need to cry- that's ok. Just move on! And keep going! You can do it! 

Can I add this too? I guess I can because it's my blog:
To the women (and maybe even the men) who look down on me for going to school and allowing other people to watch my daughter for me- shame on you.
I feel so often women look at me and pity me or feel like they are above me because they stay at home with their babies and because motherhood is the highest calling there is. I know it's true. I know it is because there have been comments made in front of my face about how LUCKY other women are to be able to be at home and that it is SUCH an honorable thing to do with their time. I agree. It is. But I am no less of a mother than you are. Staying at home doesn't make you a better mother just like going to school/working doesn't make me a better one. There is more than one type of good mother. I repeat: THERE IS MORE THAN ONE TYPE OF GOOD MOTHER. To the women who feel sorry for me, don't. I chose to do this. And I believe I will be a better person because of it. So, stop trying to make me feel like less of a mother because I go out and take care of other people's family members while they are sick and/or dying. I refuse to believe that what I do, isn't noble. 

I cannot imagine a more Christlike profession. 

End. Of. Nursing. Rant.